2015 Friends Conference

All of the details are in place and registration is now active!

November 6-8, 2015
Henry Horton State Park
4358 Nashville Hwy.
Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034

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Friends of Tennessee State Parks Coalition

The State of Tennessee has long been a leader in the development and maintenance of  outstanding State Parks and State Natural Areas. There are currently 55 State Parks and 82 State Natural Areas. These parks and SNA’s have a stated purpose to preserve and maintain wilderness areas, state historical sites and other natural treasures. Some of the more scenic parts of the state are protected and served by these facilities. They range from the extreme northeast to the extreme southwest and everything in between. The state has aggressively sought out and bought available land that preserves the natural features and the heritage of the land.

Every park and SNA has its own story and culture…We as the Friends of Tennessee State Parks Coalition strive to make it a very real part of our purpose to preserve and promote the individual characteristics of these Parks and SNA’s. Having a presence in these Parks and SNA’s gives us the opportunity to become a force in seeing that the traditions and heritage is not only preserved but promoted. We contribute not only in financial support through memberships and fund raisers, but also by our volunteer hours and support of efforts by other like minded groups.

It is our goal to assist in maintaining the standards that caused the Tennessee State Parks to be selected as “Best In The Nation”. Our Friends Of Tennessee State Parks contributed a significant influence into that designation given to our Parks.

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of Tennessee State Parks Coalition is to represent, strengthen and encourage the work of all the Friends of Tennessee State Parks and Natural Areas. We work to promote cooperation and synergy between the Friends Groups and the Division of Tennessee State Parks.

About the Coalition

The Coalition is comprised of Friends Groups from Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee State Natural Areas statewide. The Board of Directors shall determine what dues, if any, will be effective. A member Friends Group must be an active body with a contract of compliance with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Membership is elective and voluntary.

Our Purpose

We were authorized by the general membership of the collective Friends of Tennessee State Parks to form a coalition to represent all the individual Friends Groups for State Parks and State Natural Areas. The purpose being, to be able to present a collective voice in matters pertaining to State Parks and Friends Groups. The Board of Directors consists of the 5 elected officers and 6 elected board members. The effort is made to distribute these in a manner to assure geographical representation throughout Tennessee. We have quarterly face-to-face meetings and conduct interim business by telephone and electronic mail.

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